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Kartik Krishnamurthy

Kartik Krishnamurthy


Cornerstone Asia


Kartik has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader across a diverse range of industries and geographies, having worked in companies such as CEB, LinkedIn, and ADP. He is currently the Managing Director of Asia at Cornerstone OnDemand, where he oversees the strategic planning and execution of the company’s growth objectives. Together with his team, Kartik partners with organisations in every industry to help them achieve their business goals by recruiting, retaining and engaging a talented and productive workforce, leveraging Cornerstone’s human capital management platform. His expansive global experience has given Kartik a solid understanding of the range of challenges that leaders face in delivering their business strategy. With a passion for lifelong learning, he believes that encouraging employees to embrace curiosity is the secret to leading engaged and high-performing teams.

By Kartik Krishnamurthy

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