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The Tigerhall Method

Drive change with speed, scale, agility – and the power of an organization that is clued in, engaged, and ready to support.


Secure Buy-In with a Reimagined Knowledge Experience

Let’s face it – if this passage is any longer, you might not even finish reading it.

Modern content consumption preferences have evolved dramatically. Timely, concise information presented in an authentic way is now the norm. So get your people’s attention the same way: with bite-sized content featuring internal influencers or external experts, available on demand.

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Speed-of-Need Knowledge Delivery

Whether it’s your organization’s latest strategic decisions or the current market trends, get critical information to your people in bite-sized content pieces. Leverage internal leaders and peers, plus over 2,000 Thinkfluencers to amp up the influence of your change messages.

Targeted Engagement Strategy

Diagnosis: Disengaged Audience; Prescription: Targeted Strategy.

Communicate change to dynamic segments within your organization with ready-to-launch trails, or drag and drop to customize your own. Speak their language – literally – with over 30 translations available.

Structure and Customize Trails with a Simple Drag & Drop

Easily Manage Access with Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Speed up Execution with Ready-to-Launch Trails

Engage Regional Teams with 30+ Language Translations

Short, Impactful Formats

Designed for the most time-starved of professionals, keep everyone informed with these schedule-friendly formats that are under 20 minutes and accessible on the go.


Achieve Engagement at Scale

At night you lie awake, concerned by an organization that is reluctant to change.

Organizations need better, more innovative ways to align and engage their employees – or they risk having their initiatives ignored or forgotten. With Tigerhall, get your change messages across and secure buy-in without ever having to repeat yourself. Your schedule and blood pressure are gonna love this.

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Social-Led Experience

A brand new transformation experience on a familiar interface your people already know and love. Skip the learning curve and confusion – jump straight into action.

Two-Way Feedback Loop

An engaged audience is a proactive one – don’t let their insights go to waste.

Close the loop on top-down orders; allow your employees to pitch in and be included with an open channel for two-way feedback.

 A Network of Change Champions

Empower your change champions with Livestream and content creation access to speed up knowledge transfer and influence among your employees. Mobilize your internal influencers to get the right information to the right people at the right time.


Data-Powered Transformation

The 1990’s called – they want their untraceable tools back.

Don’t let outdated software that offers neither insight nor data stand in your way. With over 100 data points, keep track of what's working and what’s not for your initiative. Optimize your change strategy in real time for a nimble and agile transformation.

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An Integrated Change Experience

Incorporate your CRM, ERP, and HRIS data with Tigerhall to streamline knowledge delivery directly within Microsoft Teams. With this simplified transformation experience, you can count on targeted information and insights to reach the right individuals at the right time, all within their daily workflows.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Your initiative can’t get more visible than this: embed new behaviors and reinforce your change messages right where your people work.

Insights & Intelligence

Keep a pulse on your organization’s true sentiment and movement. See how change messages perform across audiences to get a clear measure of progress and impact.

Progress Analytics

Measure progress to remedy delays and continuously improve the efficiency of your initiatives.

Engagement & Activity Levels

Incentivize progress through recognition and rewards to nurture internal champions.

Social Sentiment Analysis

Find out what your organization truly says and thinks about your initiatives.

Dynamic Reporting

Self-serve reports to help quantify the impact of your initiatives, available 24/7.

Change enablement is the new change management

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