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Drive impact with social learning.

Combining bite-sized insights from your internal experts, industry leaders, and Fortune 500 executives into curated trails.

Reimagine your talent development with micro-learning, leaving traditional LMSs in the dust.

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Cut the Fluff Out of Professional Learning

“I love my company’s LMS!” said no one, ever.

And let's face it, generic platforms like LinkedIn Learning or Masterclass might be convenient, but they just don't deliver the specific results your organization really needs.

  • Get in-the-moment insights from subject matter experts and Fortune 500 leaders
  • Discover real-world content created and vetted by real people, not stuffy academics and brands
  • Elevate your learning experience with the ease and familiarity of a social platform
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Fortune 500 Social Learning Platform of Choice

They've embraced social learning. Have you?

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Shifting Mindsets at Scale

From upskilling to knowledge sharing, we provide everything you need to navigate change and build a high-performing team. Tigerhall's social learning platform makes internal knowledge and expertise searchable on either Desktop and Mobile.

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Social Learning is better than an MBA

Enter a fast growing network of global business leaders, or Thinkfluencers. Find micro-content focused on the real-world of business and connect with a supportive community of fellow learners.

Experience unbeatable learning engagement rates with 85% of employees embracing Tigerhall.

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Scale Tribal Knowledge

Don’t let priceless internal knowledge walk out the door.

  • Achieve your business goals with targeted content such as CEO talks, product launches, customer and partner training, and all-hands content
  • Amplify the expertise of your internal leaders and subject-matter experts who know your company best
  • Get support from our global production team to build exclusive content customized for your needs
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Professional Upskilling with Real Impact

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“Last year, I was faced with a problem at work which nobody could really help me out with. I plugged into Tigerhall and Ted Osius (Google’s VP, Government Affairs & Public Policy, APAC) came to my rescue. I listened to his podcast “Lessons in Conflict Resolution From a US Diplomat” and picked up advice that helped me to solve the issue. That’s what Tigerhall is for me – an app that helps me widen my world and gives me the solutions I need.”

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“I like the concept of micro-moments and using Tigerhall in those moments. I apply insights learned in a cumulative way - that is, regular engagement in new ideas, new ways, new thinking, different points of view - ultimately has an impact on how you execute day-to-day.”

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"Learning on Tigerhall fits in well in my schedule. I very much like the bite-sized podcasts which are now part of my daily routine when I’m either commuting to work or my evening jogs. The duration of content is perfect. I especially like the Growth and Resilience trail - it is very interesting and relevant for our current times and I will definitely advocate for everyone to go through this."

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"Tigerhall sessions really made me a better leader. A more aware leader with a clarity of thought. Making room for clarity validated my path. I felt less emotional, more empathetic and accepted the uncontrollable. Soon that became an enjoyable journey for me. My mindset shift in four weeks brought in so much impact, it encourages me to continue this ongoing journey with myself."

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“Tigerhall is a great platform that allows us to find and learn content on every relevant topic suited to our needs. I really enjoy the on-demand content that is available as bite-sized podcasts and other formats that are easy to understand and provided by famous experts from well known companies worldwide. This is a very useful platform for both employers and employees at any level.”

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We're not your average learning platform. We get up close and personal with your organization to custom design and build courses that are laser-focused on your specific needs. This is not a heavy lift on your already resource-tapped team.

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