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Tigerhall integrates with Microsoft Teams!

You can access the Tigerhall app real-time in the flow of your work on Microsoft Teams. Share content with your colleagues, add your favorite topics to your channels and create curated learning paths to help your team achieve its goals.

Available on Desktop and Mobile


Elevate your organization by using Tigerhall on Microsoft Teams for an experience that blends with your workflow. 

Achieve higher engagement when you use Tigerhall to upskill your team

Engage your team with an experience that blends with their workflow. Tigerhall X Microsoft Teams gives you access to bite-sized, actionable, real-world insights from over 1,200 Thinkfluencers.

How it works

Track real-time analytics for app usage and assignment/content completion on the Statistics tab in the Admin Portal

Create custom content and learning paths to curate a personalized learning experience for your team

Facilitate the exchange of knowledge by sharing Tigerhall content and insights in Teams channels

Add Tigerhall topics of your choice to your Teams channel’s tabs for easy access and updates on content you love most

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MS Teams Integration

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