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Our Mission

Drive Change With Your Organization, Not Against It

At Tigerhall, we enable organizations to drive change with speed, scale, agility – and the power of their entire workforce. Our mission is to streamline the process of driving successful change and transformation initiatives, making it as simple as possible to align, engage, and tap into the support of their people.


Nellie Wartoft, CEO of Tigerhall

Nellie Wartoft

CEO & Founder


An Open Letter from our Founder and CEO

70% of change and transformation initiatives at large enterprises fail.

Not due to bad ideas, but outdated execution. Organizations still hire consulting firms that are literally all talk no walk, hold the same uninspiring town halls, and bombard employees with mass emails that no one reads.

Content takes up to six months to produce, rendering it irrelevant by the time it reaches the people who needed it – if at all.

Information and knowledge are scattered across multiple untraceable platforms, leaving leaders in the dark about progress and forcing employees to waste time hunting for them.

But here’s the open secret: they won’t.

Without structured communications and a streamlined approach, most employees have no idea what’s going on – or worse, they simply don’t care. “Do as I say” has little weight on the modern workforce, which values open conversations and a healthy feedback culture.

The very people who should be driving your initiatives to success are standing squarely in the way, becoming the biggest resistance to change and progress.

From my conversations with forward-thinking change leaders, it’s apparent that frustrations have reached a boiling point. They recognize change as a constant, not a temporary problem that’s fixable with a one-time intervention. They aren’t content with the top-down approach that creates more confusion than clarity, the unsustainable and inefficient execution, and least so the lame excuse of ‘this is the only way’.

So, they began to look for a faster, scalable, and more efficient solution.

One that addresses the consumption habits of modern workers; one that reduces platform clutter and better utilizes leaders’ time and budgets; one that can be measured, embedded into workflows, and adapted to different use cases – and that’s how people like you find Tigerhall.

Imagine driving your initiatives seamlessly on one platform, at scale, and in your people’s flow of work.

Imagine leading change in a way that works better than ever before – for the modern workplace, for the vision and ambitions of change leaders, for the large enterprises of today’s fast-moving business world.

Imagine reaping amplified results through a simplified process, with the power of your entire organization in your hands.

This is what it looks like to drive change with your organization, not against them.

Nellie Wartoft
Founder & CEO, Tigerhall

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