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Our Mission

Where You Come From Should Never Get in the Way of Where You Want to Go

Imagine launching your career without barriers like prestigious degrees or the right school holding you back. At Tigerhall, we're breaking down those walls, focusing on what you know and how you think, not where you studied. Our mission is to give everyone a fair shot at success, no matter their educational background.


Nellie Wartoft, CEO of Tigerhall

Nellie Wartoft

CEO & Founder


An Open Letter from our Founder and CEO

High school was a time of confusion for me. I found myself staring at the periodic table, feeling a sense of disconnect. Why were we learning about atomic numbers when the mysteries of credit cards and effective leadership remained untouched? The subjects in our textbooks felt distant from the real-world challenges we would face as adults.

Fast forward to my years in corporate recruitment, and the truth became even clearer. I met talented individuals struggling to climb the corporate ladder, not because they couldn't recall chemical properties but because they were unequipped to navigate complex projects or manage expectations.

I saw billions being poured into bland workshops, where participants would nod off only to return to their desks with barely a memory of what they had just been taught. These methods weren't just ineffective; they were soulless, lacking the personal touch needed to inspire true growth.

And then there was the uniformity. An overwhelming majority of the content was designed by the same demographic, echoing the same perspectives. Where was the diversity, the vibrancy, the real voice of a global community?

Tigerhall Team

This is why Tigerhall was born. A platform designed to inspire, to breathe life into professional development. We handpicked the best business leaders, those who have truly walked the path, and made their wisdom accessible to all.

Imagine connecting with a mentor who resonates with you, whose success story ignites a fire within. Imagine embarking on a journey filled with thought-provoking experiences, tailored to fit seamlessly into your daily life.

At Tigerhall, we dream of a world where traditional education and meaningless credentials give way to a vibrant knowledge economy. A world where degrees are mere stepping stones, not barriers.

Above all, we envision a future where everyone, regardless of their origin or circumstances, has the chance to thrive. To chase their dreams without being held back by their starting point.

Because where you come from should never, ever, get in the way of where you want to go.

Here's to a new beginning,

Nellie Wartoft Founder & CEO, Tigerhall

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