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Ranga Somanathan

Ranga Somanathan

Former CEO, Singapore & Malaysia

Omnicom Media Group


Ranga is a top marketing and communications leader. He was the former CEO of Singapore and Malaysia for Omnicom Media Group, and has now embarked on a new journey as the Co-Founder & Curator of ​​RSquared Global Ventures. Full Bio Ranga is a marketing and communications expert, with experience leading teams across Asia in diverse sectors such as media, FMCG, travel, mobile, telecommunications, tech, durables, and entertainment. As the former CEO for Malaysia and Singapore at Omnicom Media Group, he has been recognized as a trusted advisor to client and media partners, and has nurtured strong relationships with leadership amongst agency, media and advertiser ecosystems across the APAC region. Operating at the intersection of consumer, content, and commerce, he is known to be able to create partnerships that create significant value for brands, and has proven to grow business by enabling people to realize their potential with strategic guidance. He is frequently sought after as a thought leader by the business press, and is well respected amongst the senior echelons of business leaders in the region.

By Ranga Somanathan

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