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Kathleen Muller

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Regional VP & Head of Digital Sales

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Kathleen is best known as a thought leader coaching for the future of work and sustainable social change. She brings 14 years of leadership practice as a digital native leader experienced in managing multi-million euro tech revenue business units through strengths leadership. You will recognise Kathleen’s value contribution through engagements designed to trigger critical thinking, innovative and abstract problem solving to enhance the next generation workforce.

Kathleen’s network identifies her as battle tested in amplifying well-being at work, employee engagement, and strengthening organisational trust by designing and executing leadership and talent readiness strategies. Her journey has afforded her the skills in deep specialisation for curating and leading high performing, revenue generating teams in North America, Asia and Europe’s enterprise technology theatres.

As the current Regional VP Head of Midmarket for SAP in North EMEA, Kathleen led a regional team of veteran, seasoned and early talent sales, digital demand and presales leaders and executives. They amassed double-digit growth in revenue, an unprecedented volume of customers acquired per calendar day, a renowned average sales participation rate and top-ranking productivity average per headcount in her 3-year tenure.

In 2016, Kathleen headed SAP Asia’s Advanced Enterprise Analytics business in ASEAN, focused on driving the adoption of modern analytics strategies and technology throughout the market. She helped envision and launch the ‘ASEAN Data Science Explorers’ program which has grown into an official partnership and annual event with the ASEAN Foundation to address digital literacy in the region by enabling ASEAN’s youth with technology to design solutions supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Before joining SAP, Kathleen was the Channel Growth & Retail Leader for BlackBerry Asia (formerly Research in Motion).

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