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A. D'Amico

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Director, Sales Development, APAC


Alessandro is the Director of Sales Development at Datadog, an observability platform for cloud-scale applications headquartered in New York City, and has over a decade of experience in sales.

In his current role, he is responsible for leading a team of 50 people to drive the top end of the sales funnel, with a main focus on APAC. One of Alessandro’s key responsibilities involves leading 6 managers based in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Australia.

Under his early leadership, he was involved in an assignment aimed to establish an inside sales department in Poland to replicate the sales model from the headquarters in the Netherlands. A similar opportunity was presented a few years later when a travel tech company requested his experience to establish a subsidiary in Ireland (from the London HQ).

His expertise in developing sales functions didn’t go unnoticed. A large commercial education company recruited Alessandro to establish (this time from the start) the first inside sales team to support their business growth and expansion worldwide. During this chapter, Alessandro hired, coached, and led a team of SDRs, AEs, and Team Leaders in India, Singapore, UAE, and Germany, covering 50+ countries with 13 languages while developing the operational and system capabilities to support the sales process and motion.

Alessandro has lived in 8 countries, but one thing that has stayed constant over the last 20 years is his passion for kickboxing.

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