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Impress Clients in a Whisky Bar

Jul 27, 2020 | 19m

Don’t know your single from your blended malt? What on earth is “peat” and should “sherry cask” sound appealing?

If you find yourself at a swanky business dinner and over the cheese course discover your clients are all whisky connoisseurs, how can you handle yourself so you don’t feel like an uncultured idiot? Marc Pendlebury takes you through the basics of ordering and drinking whisky - including (similar to wine) how to hold the glass, what to do with your nose, and even how fast to drink it.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The basic categories of whisky and the terminology you may hear around the table
  • Whether you should order your whisky with water, neat or on the rocks
  • Some fail-safe brand names to look out for on the menu if you’re not sure where to start

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Marc Pendlebury





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