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Ralf Specht

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former MD
McCann Erickson

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After two decades with McCann Erickson in various executive roles, Ralf became a founding partner of Spark44: an innovative, industry-first joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover that was acquired by Accenture.

Fun Fact Ralf loves golf, and has been enjoying it for the past 20 years ever since he won 3rd place in a putting contest with zero experience back in 2001.

Full Bio Ralf Specht is the author of “Building Corporate Soul”. He developed the Soul System®, a framework that powers culture and success for any business, and his mission is to make soulless companies a thing of the past. As CEO of Spark44, he grew the organization to a 1,200 people business in 18 countries.

His first book, "Building Corporate Soul -Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System™" offers a clear roadmap for transforming the performance and value of organizations through practical and reality-tested approaches. Combining extensive research with his real-life experience as a co-founder, COO and CEO in building a company with soul, it reveals how to align value-creating employee behaviors with corporate strategy through understanding and shared purpose. It introduces his framework. "The Soul System™", which enables leaders to maximize the impact of their workforce and gain the broad acceptance of society as a whole.

His second book “Beyond The Startup” shares the operational innovations that drove Spark44's growth before it was acquired by Accenture.

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