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Ralf Specht

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former MD
McCann Erickson

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After two decades with McCann Erickson in various executive roles, Ralf became a founding partner and CEO of Spark44: an innovative, industry-first joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover that was acquired by Accenture. He grew the organization to a 1,200 people business in 18 countries.

He is also the author of "Building Corporate Soul – Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System™", which offers a clear roadmap for transforming the performance and value of organizations through practical and reality-tested approaches. Combining extensive research with his real-life experience as a co-founder, COO and CEO in building a company with soul, it reveals how to align value-creating employee behaviors with corporate strategy through understanding and shared purpose. It introduces his framework. "The Soul System™", which enables leaders to maximize the impact of their workforce and gain the broad acceptance of society as a whole.

His second book “Beyond The Startup” shares the operational innovations that drove Spark44's growth before it was acquired by Accenture.

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