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Jahmaal Marshall

Verified Thinkfluencer
Certified Counselor & Founder
Listen Then Speak

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Jahmaal is a Certified Counselor and Founder of Listen Then Speak Podcast, on which he interviews bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and Mental Health Advocates. He helps clients establish healthy boundaries by dealing with the root of mental pain-points, which frees them up to reach their full potential and achieve lasting results.

Jahmaal began his career at the Federal Bureau of Prisons working in the division of public affairs in 2003, before transitioning to work at a non-profit for website quality control and prison correspondence in 2010. It was during this time that he began to train and study to get certified in counseling. He then began traveling and public speaking in 2014, before taking on clients as a counselor, where he helped transform the lives of many men, women, and families. He soon took up the role as Global Lead at the International Justice Mission organization to manage and collaborate with Global HR Managers in building out the programming for the organizations Interns and Fellows Program. He was responsible for the program management and experience of more than 300 interns and fellows in 18 different countries. He was asked to be a guest on various global podcasts before becoming a podcast host himself, and taking on his first online client in the summer of 2020 as a counselor. In January 2023, he left his position as a Global Lead at the International Justice Mission organization to continue counseling, consulting, and podcasting full-time. Today the Listen Then Speak is a top 25 percent podcast and Jahmaal has a pipeline of clients that are getting the results that matter to them.

Being in the corporate realm for more than 20 years has given Jahmaal the expertise to get his clients results. One must know the root causes of their behavior as well as a practical path forward to disrupt toxic patterns that render us ineffective.

Jahmaal is also a professional video blogger, and often shares nuggets of wisdom from his life online.

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