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Ido Gedasi

Verified Thinkfluencer
Global Head of Fraud Services


An accomplished and results-driven professional, Ido possesses a rich background in fraud management, solution design, and professional services. Currently serving as the Fraud Delivery Manager at IBM US, he leads the establishment of a new Fraud Services group, crucial for fostering fraud-related discussions between clients and labs worldwide. This encompasses overseeing fraud case investigations, platform reviews, and customer Quarterly Business Reviews, with operations spanning four countries for global coverage.

In his previous roles at IBM Israel, Ido served as the Solution Design Group Manager, overseeing the integration of IBM Trusteer for the company's largest and strategic customers. He effectively managed a team responsible for professional services, deployment, and Technical Account Management (TAM). Additionally, he held pivotal positions as Deployment Group Manager, Deployment Team Leader, and Project Manager for IBM Trusteer, focusing on identity management and authentication solutions.

Before joining IBM, Ido made significant contributions to Trusteer as a Professional Services Engineer, collaborating with global customers on Trusteer integration in a SaaS environment. Earlier in his career, he held the position of Senior Developer at Radware, concentrating on customer portals and complementary applications.

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