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Customer Journey: From Awareness to Advocacy

Sep 24, 2021 | 7m

90% of a customer’s purchasing decision is emotional – so you can’t just think of them as a transactional unit, but as heroes on their own unique journey with your brand. That’s the kind of thinking that helped Yi Ming Kau, former MD of GrabRentals at Grab, SEA’s leading super app that started out as a ride hailing platform, lead Grab to become one of the largest automotive fleets in Singapore, which grew 10x in 1.5 years. He shares his 5-stage process of a customer journey that won’t just land you a one-time sale, but have your customers coming back for more.

5 Stages of the Customer Journey:

  • Awareness – getting the attention of your customers and making them feel something for your brand
  • Consideration – the ‘aha’ moment where your customer sees that you can solve their problem
  • Purchase – why making a purchase is not the end and only half the battle
  • Retention – making your customers commit to your brand
  • Advocacy – when your customers can’t stop recommending your brand to their friends


Yi Ming Kau

Former Head, Grab Rentals




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