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Learning & Development

How to Use Pockets of Time You Didn’t Know You Had for Self-Learning

Future Leaders

Future-Proofing and Preparing Graduates For the Real World

Leadership Development

Tigerhall raises $7M to turn CEO insights into personalized upskilling for teams


News & Updates

Tigerhall introduces notification center and navigation improvements

We’ve introduced a notification centre to make it easier to track and access what’s happening on the app. Check out your notifications under the bell icon, and change your settings via your profile section.

Experienced learning tech product manager to head up Tigerhall’s product team as they begin development of CEO micro-podcast creative studio and strengthening user personalisation features.

The funding will be used to expand footprint into the US and APAC markets to reach enterprise clients and to double down on user personalization and product development such as a micro-podcast creative studio.

Leadership Development

Tigerhall launches in Australia

Tigerhall will help business leaders empower employees with unlimited opportunities to tap into the minds of Australia’s most successful personalities.

Coming up with a Localised, Engaging Learning and Development program that promote Attentiveness for Development

Strategic-thinking organisations embrace all aspects of an employee’s life – an approach that can be complemented by focused engagement strategies through L&D programmes.

Everyone’s obsessed with being a “high-performer” these days. Forget about the outcome, cherish the process. Here’re the habits and mindsets to embrace to get you going.

In this article, Accenture ASEAN Head of HR Grace Yip shares the importance of learning as both a personal choice and part of a company's culture.

Acquiring the right employee is no easy feat. This article will identify the three attributes today’s brightest talents are looking for in a company.

You may not be able to satisfy everyone when it comes to designing your L&D programmes, but you should be able to cater to the learning needs of diverse audiences.

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