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Vichet Horn

Verified Thinkfluencer
Head of Project Management Purchasing Vehicle, North America
Volvo Group

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Vichet coaches and builds high performing project manager teams so that they lead their purchasing and supplier teams, delivering according to the business needs. He is currently Head of Purchasing Project Management Vehicle, North America at the Volvo Group.

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At the Volvo Group, Vichet's exceptional strengths lie in his positive attitude and his unwavering dedication to building strong relationships with people to succeed together. Leveraging these qualities, he currently excels in assembling and leading high-performing teams in his Purchasing/Procurement organization, building on his vast experience in Product Engineering and Aftermarket business.

As part of his responsibilities, Vichet prioritizes the development of leaders who can successfully guide their teams in delivering top-quality products, and services. With Mack and Volvo Trucks North America and the Volvo Group, through an all-encompassing strategy of leadership and team management’s, he shapes the world he wants to live in!

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