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Tara Jaye Frank

Verified Thinkfluencer
Author | Former VP, Multicultural Strategy
The Waymakers | Hallmark Cards


An equity strategist who has helped many Fortune 500 executives solve culture-based and leadership problems, Tara's innovative work got her on the list of Success Magazine’s Top 125 Influential Leaders of 2022, and named as one of Core Magazine's 100 Most Influential Blacks in the same year.

Tara Jaye Frank is an accomplished equity strategist with a wealth of experience advising and educating Fortune 500 executives across various industries and global MNCs on company culture and leadership issues. Her work is driven by her strong belief in the creative power and potential of every individual, and focuses on building bridges that connect people, ideas, and opportunities. She is also an author and has written about how leaders can open doors, remove barriers, and facilitate access and opportunity for historically marginalized individuals – “The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence". Before founding her culture and leadership consultancy, Tara spent 21 years at Hallmark Cards, where she served in multiple executive roles, including VP of Creative Writing and Editorial, VP Business Innovation, VP of Multicultural Strategy, and Corporate Culture Advisor to the President. Her advisory work has landed her on Success Magazine’s list of Top 125 Influential Leaders of 2022, and gotten her named as one of Core Magazine's 100 Most Influential Blacks in 2022.

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