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Shaina Zafar

Verified Thinkfluencer
Executive | Former Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Next Gen Practice at UTA | JUV Consulting


Shaina Zafar, 23, is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at JUV Consulting, where she leads with a passion for human-centered design and the power of Gen Z innovation. An American-Muslim, Shaina is dedicated to tackling challenges through creative solutions.

In her role at JUV, she spearheads community building, cultivates partnerships, and drives thought leadership initiatives. Shaina is the author of various Gen Z yellowpapers, covering topics from Gen Z culture to the transformative potential of Web3. Additionally, she curates the weekly trends newsletter, The Screenshot, boasting a subscriber base of over 5,000 business professionals.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Shaina's academic focus centered on impactful business practices, particularly in ESG. Her expertise extends beyond the boardroom; she is a sought-after speaker for renowned brands like Mondelez, L'Oréal, and KPMG, as well as prestigious conferences such as the U.S. Travel Tourism Conference. Her insights have been featured in notable publications including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Business of Fashion.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Shaina indulges in personal passions. Each year on her birthday, she curates a Spotify playlist featuring 365 songs, each with its own custom cover.

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