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Santiago Brand

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Clinical Director
MindLab Applied Neuroscience

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Santiago Brand is a clinical and sports psychologist who works in brain training and performance optimization with Olympic athletes, actors, musicians, corporates and countless other individuals from all walks of life. He has been interviewed by multiple international media outlets including CNN.

Fun Fact Santiago is a rock climber who is terrified of heights.

Full Bio Santiago Brand is the Clinical Director of MindLab Applied Neuroscience in Singapore, and Vice-President of Psytech Bioscience in the United States.

He is Board Certified and has 14 years of experience in biofeedback and neurofeedback, and 10 years of experience in qEEG brain mapping. Santiago is also an instructor for InMindOut in the United States and has lectured in over 13 countries in the areas of neurofeedback, biofeedback brain mapping, and neuroinflammation. He also spends a large part of his life traveling around the world lecturing on the brain, health and performance, consulting with different organizations and teaching neurofeedback and biofeedback.

Santiago has been a consultant for the Colombian Olympic Committee, Guatemalan Olympic Committee and Bolivian Football Federation.

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