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Mirco Milletari

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Senior Data Scientist | Former Data and Machine Learning Scientist

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Mirco is a Theoretical Physicist who specialises in statistical mechanics, quantum field theory of disordered and strongly interacting systems, emergent complex phenomena and non-equilibrium systems. In his former role as a Data and Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft Singapore, he solved problems in the transportation and semiconductor industry and supported their efficient deployment on Azure cloud computing.

His varied global experience allows Mirco to solve complex problems by using tools developed in different branches of physics, mathematics, computer science and biology. He used to be the leading AI Scientist at Bambu, a robot advisory company developing machine learning algorithms to propose financial advice. As part of his job, Mirco also performed fundamental research to better understand how and when Deep Neural Networks work.

Mirco has a PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics jointly from the Max Planck Institute (Stuttgart) and the University of Leipzig (Leipzig), Germany. He was also a research fellow at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials at the National University of Singapore and visiting scientist at the Bioinformatics Institute of A*star, Singapore.

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