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Margot Faraci

Verified Thinkfluencer
Author & Speaker on Leadership


Margot is a transformative leader who knows firsthand what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. With a refreshing perspective on leadership, Margot advocates embracing a more powerful path. Her approach is rooted in a human-first philosophy, combining evidence and intuition while prioritizing performance and recognizing every obstacle as an opportunity.

Having led in various industries for over two decades, Margot has amassed a wealth of experience. From her roles in prominent banks like Macquarie, National Australia Bank, and CBA, to her contributions at global tech leaders like SEEK.com, she has consistently been a catalyst for change. Margot's unique style revolves around the simultaneous pursuit of performance and transformation, always with a sharp focus on driving profitability.

Margot's approach centers on replacing fear with love, drawing from the proven wisdom of great leaders throughout history. She believes that leveraging our most powerful human emotion is not a mere "soft skill" but a commanding shift that drives results, unlocks personal potential, and unleashes the full capabilities of those she leads. Margot provides both guiding principles and practical advice, equipping leaders with the tools they need to conquer today's challenges.

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