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Maia Ervin

Verified Thinkfluencer
Executive | Former Chief Impact Officer
NextGen @ United Talent Agency | JUV Consulting


Maia currently serves as the Chief Impact Officer at JUV, a purpose-driven company dedicated to empowering diverse young people. At JUV, Maia oversees multicultural marketing, social impact, company culture, purpose-driven partnerships and campaigns, and HR consulting. She uses her experience as a Queer Black women to develop marketing campaigns that tell the stories of those often ignored and to assist clients in fostering work policies and culture that promote equity for all.

At night, Maia is a part-time Graduate student at Fordham University pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Global Sustainability as well as a podcast host of Big Fish: Sink or Swim, a platform for and by Black zillennials.

Maia’s passion is to make space for diverse young people to be felt, seen, and heard globally.

Content By Maia Ervin