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Frances Boon

Frances Boon


1291 Group


Frances is a Partner at 1291 Group, one of Asia’s first advisors on using private placement life insurance for wealth planning. 1291 Group is a global wealth planning advisory group offering solutions using insurance, pension, trusts and other investment vehicles. The Group is headquartered in Zurich and licensed as insurance brokers in over 30 countries. Prior to joining 1291 Group, she was a pioneer member in the setting up Lombard International, a global leading PPLI carrier’s insurance brokerage office in Singapore. Her work experience also includes 25 years in investment, corporate and private banking. She had held managerial positions as well as advised clients on project loans, loan syndication and securitisation, and financial investments. Frances graduated with National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Social Science (Hons., Statistics) and Bachelor of Arts (Economic & Statistics).

By Frances Boon

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