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Braxton Plummer

Verified Thinkfluencer
Director of State and Local Government Affairs-NJ

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Currently a Director at Verizon, Braxton previously spent over 10 years working on government campaigns. As Director of State and Local Government Affairs - NJ at Verizon, he serves as chief political strategist to SGA senior vice president and region VPs and their teams.

Before entering the corporate world, he was Senior Advisor to the Commissioner at State of New Jersey's Department of Community Affairs. Prior to that, he was Senior Business Development Officer at New Jersey's Economic Development Authority. Braxton also has over 10 years of experience working on government campaigns.

Braxton's last name ‘Plummer’ has been the cause of some family jokes. His grandfather was a plumber by profession. The slogan on the side of his truck was “If you need a plumber. Call A.Plummer.” Braxton’s mother is Anita Plummer (say it fast). According to Braxton, she was a meme before memes existed.

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