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Arun Babu

Verified Thinkfluencer
Deloitte Africa Consulting


Arun serves as the CEO of Deloitte Africa Consulting, where he leads a multi disciplinary Consulting practice across 12 countries. Renowned for his ability to build strong teams and drive growth, Arun partners with clients across various industries to tackle complex business challenges.

With a wealth of experience, Arun has successfully overseen the execution of numerous strategic projects, providing valuable insights and solutions to clients in various industries from telecommunications, financial services, retail to the public sector. His passion lies in the development of people, and he actively promotes strong collaboration and teamwork both within Deloitte and with clients.

Arun finds great fascination in understanding people—their unique talents, idiosyncrasies, and the individual factors that motivate them. Witnessing diverse individuals come together and thrive as highly effective teams gives him a sense of purpose. As a leader, he strives to create an environment where everyone has equal opportunities to realize their full potential, helping them navigate their current position and define their future goals. Arun embraces a mentoring culture and encourages the collective effort of the team to foster growth. He personally emphasizes being approachable and available to provide support to any team in need.

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