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Abhishek Rao

Abhishek Rao

VP, MTV, Comedy Central

ViacomCBS Networks International


Abhishek ‘Shakey’ Rao likes chillies, the colour blue, beer, film scores and – oh wait, this is not that kind of bio. From writing, long-form production, short-form creation, and promos to creative services, content, social, and brand, Shakey has been getting away with working with cool people doing cool stuff for way longer than he expected. With stints in various production houses, commercials, ESPN and FOX, he’s now at Viacom where, with a bunch of fun people, he’s playing with some very fun brands - MTV, Comedy Central & Paramount. He finds himself amazed at how storytelling is changing, and is constantly looking for the next exciting way to create, communicate, and share content.

By Abhishek Rao

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