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Corporate Kool-Aid With Andrea Abbate

Jun 24, 2021 | 2h 17m

Corporate buzzwords like "authenticity", "growth mindset", "imposter syndrome", "feedback" and “thought leadership" have been championed by everyone from top tech companies, the media, influencers as the panacea for all workplace ills. However, should you believe the hype? Buckle up! Andrea Abbate and her guests are here to shed light on the reckless devotion to this jargon. In this Trail they honestly and rigourously discuss the validity of these five terms, and why maybe you should think twice before drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid.

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2h 17m

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Andrea Abbate, Pratap Kaul, Sue Stephens, Zachary Ames, Aliza Knox, Dr. Kumar Abhishek, Kate Mallord (she/her)

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