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Andrea Abbate | Aliza Knox

Is It Quitting Time? Cutting Through the Bad Advice

May 24, 2021 | 19m

Do you feel like you’re in the wrong role? Is it time to quit or are you giving up too soon? Is what you’re feeling “imposter syndrome”... or do you just suck?

It can be hard to chart the right course with so much contradictory advice out there pulling you in different directions. In this Corporate Kool-Aid conversation, Andrea speaks to Aliza Knox, IT Woman of the Year (Asia) 2020, a former leader at companies such as Google, Cloudflare, Twitter and BCG, about how you can make the right decision on whether to pivot or persevere.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How to read the signals letting you know that it’s time to quit
  • What “job dating” is and how it can help you plot out your career decisively
  • Why imposter syndrome is not an excuse for poor performance

Hosted by Andrea Abbate, Head of Sales Enablement, APAC, LinkedIn


Andrea Abbate

VP | Former Head of Sales Enablement

Showpad | LinkedIn


Aliza Knox

Senior Advisor | Non Executive Director

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)



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