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Livestream: The Issue of Access – Where and How to Find Decision Makers

Mar 3, 2022 | 26m

When closing a deal, identifying the real decision makers in an organization can pose a massive challenge. Sometimes the C in a C-suite title isn’t enough, and sometimes you find power far outside of the C-circle too. What tools can you use to identify the real decision makers and influencers you need in your corner to close a deal? Join Ben Goodman as he breaks down ‘power identifiers’ you need to be aware of, as well as how to use social media and existing relationships to swing your way into the room of power. Tap 'More Information' for a list of questions discussed along with the relevant time stamps.


Ben Goodman

Former Managing Director and Head of DX APAC | SVP & General Manager, JAPAC

New Relic | Okta



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