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Multiple Thinkfluencers (3)

Dr. KC Lee | Stacy McCarthy | Prerna Suri

Power Bite: 4 Steps to Beat Imposter Syndrome in a New Role


You’ve started a new role. To an outsider, you’re successful – and yet, you don’t feel it. Instead of feeling pride and joy, you feel Imposter Syndrome creeping up like there’s been a terrible mistake and you don’t actually belong. Three thinkfluencers, Stacy McCarthy and Dr. KC Lee who specialize in coaching high-level executives, and Prerna Suri, accomplished communicator and award-winning former journalist, share steps you can take to work through Imposter Syndrome. In this Power Bite, examine how their advice helps an individual in a new role to regain control when nagging feelings of doubt, or that they don’t belong, surface.


Dr. KC Lee

Chartered Psychologist


Stacy McCarthy

Former Regional Director, APAC

The Boeing Company


Prerna Suri

VP, Communications, Asia and Middle East

Sony Music Entertainment