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Here’s How to Smash That C-Suite Pitch

Nov 14, 2019 | 15m

There are a lot of good presentations out there but the problem is, your C-suite has seen them all before. How can you stand out from the crowd? Amer Iqbal outlines the tools you need to grab your executive committee's attention. He explains why you need to turn up flexible and ready to collaborate, why you might want to consider ditching your pitch deck altogether, and how to impress without being an annoying know-it-all.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and Dan Harmon’s Story Circle can help you capture your audiences' imagination
  • The anatomy of a bad pitch
  • Why (and how) you should shift your pitch to a conversation

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Amer Iqbal

Former Head of Digital Transformation, APAC | CEO & Founder

Meta | 5 Ways to Innovate



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