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Luke Tan | Emilie Tan

Fitness Powered by Plants

Aug 5, 2019 | 18m

Plant-based diets aren’t just for lean yoga-attending individuals. They’re just as effective for high-performance athletes. Luke Tan and Emilie Tan explain how you can make the transition to a plant diet, have a plant-based meal plan to follow and they even highlight a recipe you can try.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • What the transition from an animal protein diet to a plant based diet is like
  • How workout and meal schedules look like
  • The three steps you can take in 24 hours to power your fitness with plants

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


Luke Tan

Founder & Endurance Athlete

Plant Fit Movement & Awake Method


Emilie Tan

Endurance Athlete & Education Manager

FIT Singapore



Active Lifestyle