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Future Leaders

Future-Proofing and Preparing Graduates For the Real World

Learning & Development

How to Use Pockets of Time You Didn’t Know You Had for Self-Learning

Learning & Development

Fixing The Soft Skills Gap - An Essential Focus For Talent Development


Top Thinkfluencers

Be The Best: Habits and Mindsets for Top Performance

Everyone’s obsessed with being a “high-performer” these days. Forget about the outcome, cherish the process. Here’re the habits and mindsets to embrace to get you going.

In this article, Accenture ASEAN Head of HR Grace Yip shares the importance of learning as both a personal choice and part of a company's culture.

B2B marketing is often perceived to be more boring and less creative when compared to B2C, but the opposite is true. The stakes in B2B are much higher, which makes it so much more exciting.

The idea of taking on a leadership role can seem like a tall order. But what if you could take on a leadership role in a more personal capacity by leveraging on an interest close to your heart?

When it comes to Technology sales, customized solutioning is everything. How do you structure your deals to set yourself up for success?

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