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Future Leaders

Future-Proofing and Preparing Graduates For the Real World

Learning & Development

How to Use Pockets of Time You Didn’t Know You Had for Self-Learning

Learning & Development

Fixing The Soft Skills Gap - An Essential Focus For Talent Development


Leadership Development

Tigerhall launches in Australia

Tigerhall will help business leaders empower employees with unlimited opportunities to tap into the minds of Australia’s most successful personalities.

The success of any company starts from the top. Alice Lopin (Founder of The Art of Leadership Studio) and Charles Brewer (COO at Canada Post) joined forces to share what it takes to be - and help develop - a truly great C-level leader.

The cookie-cutter learning and development (L&D) model - which typically involves video-based learning that lacks interaction - will no longer cut it today. Here’s the various types of learning to consider when developing your L&D programmes.

Looking to gain more trust and build rapport with your clients? Hoping to have your clients regard you higher? DBS’ Managing Director of Wealth Planning, Peter Triggs, shows you how to do just that.

Leadership Development

The Art of Humour at Work

Made an awkward joke that no one laughed at? Struggling to use humour to your advantage in business meetings? Allow our talented conversationalist and CEO of BookMyShow Indonesia, Sudhir Syal, show you how to use the art of humour at work even if you don’t have a funny bone in your body.

Leadership Development

Excelling as a new leader

What qualities do you need to embody to get promoted to leadership roles? How can you excel as a new and young leader?

Leadership Development

Juggling Multiple Board Positions

Wondering whether to take on another board position, but unsure of the responsibilities that would entail? Why not hear from someone who has walked a mile in those shoes?

A Tigerhall study has uncovered key insights into the learning trends of professionals across Asia during the first half of 2020 (January to early July). The insights were derived through an analysis of data behind the consumption habits of Tigerhall users — a majority of whom work in key APAC marke...

Avoid prolonging a decision to fire an employee. Trust your gut instincts and let your employee know to pack their things and leave immediately when the time is right.

It’s never easy rejecting candidates. Here’s how you can reject someone with the tact and respect that they deserve, while giving them feedback to improve themselves.

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