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Future Leaders

Future-Proofing and Preparing Graduates For the Real World

Learning & Development

How to Use Pockets of Time You Didn’t Know You Had for Self-Learning

Learning & Development

Fixing The Soft Skills Gap - An Essential Focus For Talent Development


Be A Better Leader

Leading in the ASEAN region

How do you prioritise, navigate and make decisions as a leader?

Be A Better Leader

Building Trust as a Leader

Whether you’re a manager or the CEO, the ability to inspire trust in the people you work with is the crucial first step in building a healthy culture.

When you think about how leaders are represented in popular culture, you’ll realise that they’re most often big personalities who command attention. But introverts are just as capable of being stellar leaders, argues Arzumy MD, CTO of Fave.

Recruiting is one of many overwhelming roles of a leader. A company that is growing will always need more hands on deck, but how do you choose the best candidate for the role?

Did you know that self-awareness is one of the top predictors of a leader’s success? In order to effectively lead teams to smashing those goals, you’ll first need to gain a deep understanding of who you are, and how you’re affecting the people you work with.

Do you need your team to be more innovative and cause disruptions? What can you and your company do to be more innovative?

Be A Better Leader

Making Tough Decisions

Does the thought of making a particular decision give you butterflies in your stomach? This is a major decision, one that you know will have a significant impact on the company's operations, but also one that you find yourself highly uncertain, and to some extent, even fearful, of making.

Ever wondered why you seem to be saying the right things but aren’t getting the results you want? Leaders need to be especially mindful of aligning their words with their actions to inspire positive change.

Planning is the anchor for your business to thrive in its respective industry. When planning, the environment of your company matters, as with it comes a different set of challenges.

Be A Better Leader

Global vs. Local Career

Planning your next career move? Don’t make the mistake of associating global companies with stability and local companies with unprofessionalism.

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