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Viktoriya Torchinsky-Field

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Viktoriya is a top legal executive. She is currently VP of Legal at Avantor and spent many years at Cigna. She's honed three superpowers throughout her 20-year career – distilling complex and technical information into actionable strategy; developing and motivating extremely high-performing teams; and making molehills out of mountains.

Throughout her career, Viktoriya has been responsible for defending enterprise-impact class actions and government investigations, mitigating risk, and developing creative litigation solutions to policy and business challenges. Her record of major wins has benefitted her business clients for over 20 years.

In her current position as VP of Legal at Avantor, a rapidly growing public Fortune 500 life sciences company, she provides counsel on multiple areas such as litigation, investigations, labor and employment law, and legal operations.

Previously, Viktoriya was VP Chief Counsel at Cigna, where she led a team of attorneys and professionals develop creative defense strategy for all business segments of the company. Viktoriya is a proud, naturalized U.S. citizen, having fled the Soviet Union’s ethnic and religious persecution in 1989. She was educated in Ukraine and in the United States and holds degrees from Teacher’s College in Ukraine, the University of Maryland, and The John Marshall Law School.

In her free time, Viktoriya is a passionate practitioner of Iyengar yoga.

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