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Susannah Dawn

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former Military Officer
The United States Army

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Susannah Dawn came out as trans in 2021. From the challenge of telling her father to the complications of relaunching her digital life, Susannah uses her platform to share her story and spread awareness.

Full Bio Susannah looks at business and life from a vantage point set outside-the-box, utilizing her experience in leadership roles spanning a diverse group of industries, including US Army officer, construction management, CFO for a start-up modular construction firm, managing $20-30m energy efficiency programs, and writing for renewable energy firms (solar, wind, intertidal).

A writer, storyteller, and business consultant, Susannah's story was told by Sephora in its “We Belong” video series, while her reinvention story was also featured in a “Hello Monday” podcast on LinkedIn.

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