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Shu Matsuo Post

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former MD
Flash Coffee | WeWork


Shu Matsuo is a prominent business leader and gender equity advocate in Japan. He wrote "I Took Her Name”, where he chronicles his experience of defying gender norms in one of the most gender-rigid nations in the world.

Full Bio Shu Matsuo is a businessman and gender equity advocate defying gender norms in Japan. Prior to becoming an author he held leadership roles at Flash Coffee, WeWork and Lululemon. As the author of "I Took Her Name", Shu shares his unique journey of changing his name after marriage, challenging the societal norm. He also spoke for TED about his experience of taking seven months of paternity leave from his full-time work when he and his wife welcomed their first child in the fall of 2020. As an advocate of feminism, he works with organizations on how to better promote gender equity in the workplace. He also teaches students in Japan how to confront gender and societal expectations to live a more vulnerable, freer and wealthier life.

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