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Shesh Venkatraman

Shesh Venkatraman

Former CEO

Miclyn Express Offshore


Shesh has many years as a senior leader in the shipping industry. Most recently, he was CEO of Miclyn Express Offshore, where he carried the group through the worst downturn in history. Prior to that he was CEO of Jaya Holdings Ltd, where he tripled shareholder value, selling the group for S$625 million. He now spends his time as a full-time mentor, having worked with hundreds of professionals helping them discover their purpose, guiding them in performing optimally and coaching them in channeling the resultant power towards achieving their dreams. In addition to running The AMOS Group, Shesh spends most of his time leveraging his billion-dollar learnings to mentor people and start-ups realise their dreams.

By Shesh Venkatraman

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