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Sameera Rao

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Former VP, Consumer Engineering

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Sameera is a techie who's been around the block. From helping to write the software for the first Web 2.0 versions of the Yahoo! front page and My Yahoo! at Yahoo! to seeing a tech startup go from inception to acquisition – he is now the VP and Head of Technology at PayPal Invest.

Full Bio Sameera heads up Consumer Engineering at PayPal, which includes the PayPal and Xoom Apps, Platforms and Products - Crypto, P2P, CFS, Causes, Wallet and more. Sameera has been with PayPal for over 9 years, where he has driven a number of transformation initiatives which have included bringing an open-source culture, Micro Services and Micro Apps architecture, Tech Debt removal among others. He has also been instrumental in the roll out of several 1.0 versions of products like Merchant Servicing, Merchant App, PayPal Commerce Platform, Crypto and more.

In his two decades of Experience in the Industry, prior to PayPal, Sameera spent six years at a startup from its early days to acquisition, after being hired as the first Engineer on Product Development. Before the startup, Sameera helped write software for key roll outs like the first Web 2.0 versions of Yahoo! frontpage & My Yahoo! at Yahoo! and Core Frameworks at Sabre Airline Solutions.

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