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Ron Snir

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Sechel Asia

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Ron’s diverse career has seen her working in the pharmaceutical industry as an engineer, managing an entire trading floor during the financial crisis of 2008, and eventually diplomacy. Ron is the former CEO of investment and consulting company Sechel Asia, based in Singapore. Sechel Asia is a partnership between the Sassoon family and Ron, carrying the vision of supporting start-up companies in APAC utilising the local talent and experience. Ron believes in partnerships, collaborations, and P2P engagements.

In her early years Ron had worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, both as an engineer and a procurement director. In her first career leap, Ron was trained as a futures trader in the CME. She then joined the Israeli government diplomatic cohort, graduating from the distinguished cadet course and working at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in policy and support schemes for the entire Israeli exporting community. Ron was then posted in Singapore as the Trade Commissioner to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. During her time at the Embassy, she handled the growing trade balance between Israel and its counterparts which grew from $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion within four years.

Ron has also led a few volunteering projects including the global initiative TOM, Tikun Olam Global, a NY based NGO bringing together need-knowers and makers to create physical smart solutions for disabled people. Today Ron is part of “Extra Ordinary People” charity aiming to bring inclusiveness to all parts of society.

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