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Neil Paterson

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former General Manager
Whiskey Brother


With a passion for all things whisky, Neil used to be the General Manager at a retail and e-commerce business – WhiskyBrother – in South Africa. His part time job is portfolio manager for a niche whisky investment fund based in Singapore.

In a former life, Neil worked for Rand Merchant Bank, more specifically on the systems that unitised the various investment funds on their balance sheet. He often joked with his boss about how his whisky collection at home consistently outperformed every aggressive, active, balanced and passive fund on their book. Shortly thereafter, Neil decided to follow his passion and invested in a dedicated retail store, bar and online store all which were whisky exclusive.

Some five years later on one of his whisky sojourns to Japan, he was enjoying a casual yakitori lunch in Shibuya with a good friend and the idea to start a whisky fund was born.

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