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Mohamed Akeel

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Gulf Coca-Cola Beverages


Akeel is an innovative business leader with international, cross-industry commercial experience within the Coca-Cola world. As the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coca-Cola Beverages (GCCB), he plays a pivotal role in managing and transforming four markets in the Middle East, namely UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Akeel's exceptional strategic vision and insightful market understanding has led to the successful transformation of bottling organizations in these countries, making them profitable and strategic entities. He has fostered valuable partnerships, aligning with top-priority business goals and seamlessly integrating the Gulf bottling business into the global fabric of The Coca-Cola world.

Renowned for his well-rounded leadership, Akeel has demonstrated exceptional expertise in supporting geographically diverse workforces and driving organizational change. He has played a key role in human capital development and corporate strategic planning, earning recognition as a significant contributor to both his leadership team and the broader Coca-Cola network.

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