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Michael Beddows

Verified Thinkfluencer
Head of AI/ML & Automation, Technology Business Development
Morgan Stanley

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Michael is a leading expert in identifying next-generation technologies in knowledge discovery, intelligence augmentation, and business transformation.

As Head of AI/ML & Automation for Technology Business Development (TechBD) at Morgan Stanley, Michael identifies transformative technology shifts that impact his organization's business. He advises leadership on the investments and partnerships needed to harness these technologies' business value.

As an early adopter of AI, Michael began his career at GTE Laboratories (now part of Verizon), where he was involved with early-stage AI research and its applications. After leaving GTE, Michael applied his knowledge at boutique start-up Knowledge Stream, where he worked on data science solutions in financial services for Credit Suisse, AXA Equitable, Chase, and PwC.

Michael has a passion for learning and received his Master's Degree in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University, which significantly focused on AI/ML technology. Michael also received his Degree in Psychology (Neuroscience) from McGill University.

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