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Lowell Sheppard

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Lowell Sheppard is a multifaceted individual, wearing many hats in his professional and personal life. He is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, and fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. Additionally, he is a devoted husband, father, long-distance cyclist, and harbors a passion for sailing.

Throughout his adult life, Lowell has been deeply involved in the nonprofit sector, working with established organizations and even founding his own, HOPE International Development Agency Japan and Asia Pacific. Over the span of two decades, he has played a pivotal role in elevating HOPE to be among the top 2% of charitable organizations in Japan, earning the coveted "nintai" certified tax-deductible status.

Alongside his work in the nonprofit realm – Lowell's has provided invaluable advice as an informal advisor to companies and boards, focusing on ethical decision-making and thought leadership with a strong emphasis on fostering community legacies. Passionate about social and environmental improvement projects, Lowell has dedicated a significant portion of his life to making a positive impact in these areas.

Today, Lowell often shares his insights on Ethics and Philosophy, Social Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, and other topics related to his diverse collection of books.

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