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Linzi Blakey

Verified Thinkfluencer
Managing Director, HR
Standard Chartered Bank


Linzi is an exceptional HR executive, dedicated to championing gender equality, supporting working parents, and leveraging her experience as a former British Army reservist. Currently leading global people strategy for the Client Coverage Management team at Standard Chartered Bank, Linzi's influence spans across 59 markets, overseeing a workforce of 3,500 employees.

With an impressive career spanning 25 years, Linzi has held key roles in renowned multinational companies including BAE Systems, Royal Dutch Shell, Vodafone, and GSK. Her extensive global experience includes living and working in various countries such as Canada, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Beyond her professional achievements, Linzi actively promotes gender equality and advocates for working parents. She is a Business Management and Economics graduate, a member of the Institute of Directors (IOD), and a member of Albright, the UK's exclusive all-female members club. Linzi also serves as a Non-Executive Director on the board of CareRooms and shows a keen interest in technology start-ups for investment.

In addition to her corporate endeavors, Linzi spent five years as a reservist member of the British Army, serving in the Royal Artillery regiment and later in the Intelligence Corp. She also embarked on a remarkable British Army expedition, sailing 7,000 miles across the Southern Oceans as the only female among a crew of 14 males.

Fun fact, Linzi sailed 7,000 miles across the Southern Oceans as the only female with 14 males on board on a British Army expedition!

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