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Jeremy Blain

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Performance Works International

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Jeremy is the Chief executive of PerformanceWorks International (PWI), a company that helps organisations, executive boards, leaders, and teams succeed in the digital climate amidst disruption, opportunity, and uncertainty. Check out Jeremy's vodcast series 'Leadership Guest Practices' here: https://www.performanceworks.global/leadership-guest-practices/

Jeremy combines business transformation expertise, leadership knowledge and commercial success as an international CEO and executive board officer in the UK and Asia, with his experience as a corporate and human capital professional of over 30 years. He has operated on an international basis to launch successful businesses and to turn underperformance into excellence. This has included a 7-year period as CEO for an international consultancy company based in Singapore, operating from India to the Pacific.

Jeremy is proven at all stages of the business lifecycle, from start-up to internationalisation, raising profiles and profits throughout.

Jeremy helps leaders and managers define strategies to implement digital and human transformations for the modern workplace, through consulting, modern training techniques and operational coaching.

Jeremy is a global authority on empowered working and backed this up with his 2021 critically acclaimed international #1 best-selling book: ‘The Inner CEO – Unleashing leaders at all levels’.  The book and supporting offering provide a blueprint to make leading at all levels in our organizations a reality, ushering in a bold new age of distributed leadership to support business health, speed, and growth.

Jeremy and his team engage executive boards, senior leaders, and management, to develop fit for purpose plans that drive culture change at operational level, to embed the required skills for successful modernisation across the organisation.

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