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Jenny Hagblom

Verified Thinkfluencer
Former Head of Brand & Identity, Global Brand Development

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Jenny Hagblom is a curious, passionate, and determined leader with over two decades of transformative and creative leadership experience. With a rich background in both brand management and agency roles across a wide spectrum of industries, Jenny possesses a keen eye for revitalizing companies, strategies, brands, and teams. Her holistic approach to business, brand, culture, and people has enabled her to pioneer innovative pathways within companies, organizations, and teams, advancing mindsets, competencies, methodologies, and work practices.

Jenny's unique blend of interests, including rugby and dance during her high school years, mirrors her upbringing in a family celebrated for its lineage of strong, confident, curious, and independent women. These women, known for their open-heartedness, game-changer attitude, resilient life approach, and deep faith in the power of individuals, have profoundly influenced her.

As a mother of three, including a child with extensive disabilities, Jenny's journey has profoundly shaped her character, parenting style, and leadership approach. These experiences have deepened her understanding of the significance of perspective, and the intricate interplay between personality, will, motivation, ability, and accessibility. She has become acutely aware of the damage wrought by exclusion and toxic environments, the strength required to embrace vulnerability, and the untapped potential residing within each individual when provided with the right tools and support. These insights have not only fueled her commitment to learning and growth but have also fundamentally shaped her leadership philosophy. Jenny believes that who she is and who she chooses to be are the cornerstones of her leadership style.

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