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Hannah Cool

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Director of ESG Transformation

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Hannah currently leads ESG transformation at PwC UK. She believes that embedding ESG into business strategy will unlock commercial value and access to capital, and more importantly, that it’s the right thing to do!

Fun Fact When she was younger, Hannah aspired to be a TV presenter. She was a big fan of the iconic British children's television show Blue Peter, and managed to get herself a Blue Peter Badge (only those who grew up in the UK will understand how coveted this is). She still wears the badge on her lanyard every day and is regularly asked how she got one!

Full Bio Hannah has spent her 10-year professional services career in a number of different roles across risk, strategic transformation and most recently ESG. As a geography graduate, Hannah was always striving to bring her passion for the environment and nature to the forefront of her professional career.

Normally based in London, she spent 3 years working abroad with one of Europe’s largest tech companies as their Director of Strategic Programmes. At the time, she was focused on regulatory and technology change.

In her own time, Hannah supports senior executives and boards in understanding the ESG landscape and how to embed sustainable action across an organisation's strategy.

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