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H. E. Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar

H. E. Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar

Chairman & CEO | Founder & Chairman

Petra Group | Green Rubber Group


A passionate environmentalist and social capitalist, Vinod is the Founder and Chairman of the Green Rubber Group and the Chairman and Group CEO of the Petra Group, which aims to commercialise long term, sustainable solutions to the key challenges facing humanity. He also founded the Good Capitalism Forum. Vinod is also the Hon. Consul General to Malaysia for St Vincent and the Grenadines. He was the former winner of Grant Thornton’s CEO of the Year, and the first Asian to be awarded Global Green Award by Global Green USA. In addition to his numerous accolades, Vinod is a self-proclaimed Disney fan!

By H. E. Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar

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