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Sales Enablement

Reaping revenue: from open positions to closed deals in 3 months.

Great salespeople aren’t born, they’re nurtured - yet few programs focus on sales, which makes up 83% of the global workforce.

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Stagnant or declining sales metrics

It’s extremely common to have learning strategies disconnected from business objectives. Have laser focused Trail cohorts specializing in how to hit metrics you care about.

Ramp up time

Slow ramp up time for new sales hires

One-size-fits-none onboarding regardless of geography, function or seniority doesn’t work anymore. Personalize the sales team onboarding so they are hitting goals faster.

Lack of target market knowledge

Lack of target market knowledge

Global sales teams struggle to navigate cross-geography cultural nuances of target markets. Ensure all your internal expertise and market intel is top of mind.

You can measure the difference


Improve your sales metrics: building pipeline, sales velocity, sales cycle, etc.


Faster ramp-up time from new hire to first deal closed - yielding million dollars worth of difference annually by cutting a 6-month onboarding in half


Delivering key revenue driving initiatives from Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer and COO

Customer Spotlight

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Customer Spotlight

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  • Technology


  • 100+

Key Development focus

  • Growing revenue
  • Boosting the number of new paying customers


  • Unlimited app access
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Learning Strategist
  • Unlimited livestreams
  • 3 Sessions with Tigerhall Thinkfluencers

Key Impact

  • 89% found Tigerhall content relevant to their sales roles
  • 12 exclusive interactions with emerging market leaders
  • 100% said Tigerhall improved their work performance
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Discover Tigerhall’s Social Learning Platform in Action

    Designed for forward-thinking Enterprises

  • Onboarding Sessions and Custom Grouping

  • Dedicated Engagement and Communication

  • Extended Reporting on Engagement Metrics, Progress Tracking and Insights

  • 24/7 Enterprise Support

  • Curated Thinkfluencers' Session Design and Coordination

  • Curated Livestreams Design and Support

  • Personality Assessments

  • Individual & Group Mentorship Sessions

  • Full End-To-End Logistics Management